Allen Pierce Equity Partners

Our Investment Process

A framework to govern our behavior in a way that ensures we remain true to our meticulous, thorough, and highly analytical investment philosophy.

Allen Pierce Equity Partners

Our Investment Process

Our goal at Allen Pierce Equity Partners is to generate the best returns possible according to your acceptable level of risk while meeting your other personal investment needs. Our meticulous, thorough, and highly analytical investment process uses a global asset allocation framework with several tiers, including detailed research, ongoing monitoring, and the collective insight of our research teams and investment committees.

Each tier of our investment process is overlaid with your specific circumstances, needs and objectives before we begin constructing your flexible, unique, risk-adjusted portfolio.

Why the Allen Pierce Equity Partners investment process?
  • We utilize various investment types, including direct equities, mutual funds, ETFs (exchange-traded funds), investment trusts, IPOs, alternatives, bonds, cash, and more.
  • With the help of your external advisors, we can structure a tax-efficient basket of holdings.
  • Our analysts and research team identify companies, trends, and opportunities from the global market to develop a variety of quality investments.
  • Our investment committees leverage their expertise to confirm the best way to precisely position your portfolio.
  • We evaluate your portfolio against the stated objectives to ensure we remain on course and actively manage and scrutinize the constituent holdings to boost returns and reduce losses.

Investment process stages

Assess the worldwide economic strategy and outlook

In daily morning meetings, weekly investment forums, and periodic strategy presentations, we review high-frequency market and financial data, highlight important messages, themes, and market issues, share knowledge, and analyze business cycles and risks.

Monthly asset allocation

Every month, in a string of meetings, we bring together specialists to rank asset classes. Undertaking this activity each month ensures we have the latest data and expert insight on hand to make the best-informed decisions on your behalf.

Active asset allocation

It is widely believed that asset allocation brings more value to bear than any other single investment decision. Accordingly, we employ a highly disciplined approach to asset allocation, ensuring that our views on large-scale economic factors, such as interest rates and national productivity, are incorporated into the mix of asset classes in your portfolio.

Portfolio creation

Your Account Manager has the final responsibility for constructing your portfolio and deselecting holdings that are unsuitable for you. Our sector, equity, and fund selection process and risk analysis all play a part in the initial investment selection, which is then overlaid with your specific circumstances, needs, and objectives to create the right portfolio for you.

Fund selection

We also add value to portfolios by selecting actively managed funds. Market capitalization weighted indices can be easily swayed by investor behavior and trends. For example, defensive holdings tend to be chosen when the economic outlook is uncertain, while cyclical stocks are often chosen when economic activity picks up. By choosing to use actively managed funds rather than passive funds, we help you benefit from such biases.

Fund managers tend to have unique ways of investing, so we work to develop a complete understanding of their investment approaches to identify managers with the best probability of outperforming in various stages of the market cycle. After a fund has been identified, we meet regularly to monitor progress and keep up to date with developments.