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ESG Portfolio Management

Creating impact within our company, community, and the world by shaping an environmentally sustainable future for all our tomorrows.

Allen Pierce Equity Partners

ESG Portfolio Management

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance strategy

ESG factors are increasingly important to investors of all types. Moreover, there is evidence that companies with high ESG scores even outperform those with lower scores. Companies that score well on ESG are also thought to be better at anticipating future risks and opportunities, be more inclined to longer-term strategic thinking, and focus on long-term value creation.

Equally, companies that act irresponsibly or in a manner that does not align with modern values and ethics have experienced devastating commercial repercussions.

How ESG Portfolio Management works

Our ESG portfolios allow you to invest responsibly without forsaking performance. They enable you to invest in a way that supports making the world a better place, while also protecting and securing your long-term financial health.

As with our other portfolios, we manage the investments on your behalf, leaving you free to live your best life without the need to be involved in the day-to-day management. Your Account Manager will help you choose whether to adopt a cautious, balanced, or growth strategy.

Whichever portfolio style best suits your needs, you will benefit from the best of our research and decades of collective investment management experience. In addition, we carefully monitor and closely manage your portfolio to ensure your risk levels remain within an acceptable range.

Our ESG portfolios use direct equities, fixed interest, and cash-type investments to provide diversification, and we focus on the themes we believe have the best probability of outperformance in the current economic environment. We will also make adjustments that reflect our evolving views of the investment market and economic outlook.

All our portfolios are intended to work over an investment cycle of at least 5-10 years, so we encourage you to stay invested for a minimum of five years, preferably longer.

How we pick the companies and investments to include in an ESG portfolio
  • We undertake thorough research and analysis to identify the companies and funds that best match your chosen balance between risk and returns
  • Simultaneously, we look for those companies and funds with a proven track record of outperforming their peers
  • We then overlay this long list of potential investments against the filter of your ethical criteria. The qualifying investments will then be used to form your portfolio.

ESG Portfolio Management - driving change for the better
  • Investing in themes that interconnect with global sustainability issues.
  • A uniquely constructed portfolio created around your closely held values.
  • Access to worldwide investment opportunities and research.
  • Dedicated Account Managers that you can contact directly.
  • Supported by our meticulous, thorough, and highly analytical investment process.
  • Around the clock access your account to check progress and performance.