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Long-term Care Planning

Preparing for the cost, challenges, and demands of no longer being able to independently care for yourself or your loved ones.

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Long-term Care Planning

At Allen Pierce Equity Partners, we understand it may be difficult when you are fit and healthy to imagine a time when long-term care will be needed and put off thinking about it for another day, week, or year. However, as populations live longer, the higher the likelihood of needing care in later life becomes, either in the comfort of your own home or a care facility.

Whether it is your own potential needs being considered or arrangements for someone else, it's critical to seek independent long-term care planning advice from experienced professionals. As we are genuinely independent and not tied to any specific providers, you can be confident that decisions will always be made in your best interests.

Why Consider Long-term Care?

Funding long-term care costs from your investments or assets raises the possibility that you could outlive your money, be forced to accept a lower standard of care, or have little or nothing to pass on to your heirs and family.

As you age, the possibility of being declined insurance coverage increases, as do premiums, so there is no better time to start a serious conversation about how you and your family plan to handle long-term care need if they should arise.

At Allen Pierce Equity Partners, our individualized plans aim to help you preserve your assets for other purposes and provide access to care options that may otherwise be unavailable because of cost. Typically, we consider solutions that include long-term care insurance, annuities, and life insurance, and perhaps even take into account contingencies such as inflation.


Though long-term care planning for couples may appear more straightforward, it is actually more complicated than planning for a single person. For example, you may think that if one of you is sick or needs looking after, the other one can help out. This may be the case, but if both partners need long-term care at the same time and no provisions are in place, the financial burden can have a devastating effect on your finances.

Another factor to consider is even if one partner does not need care, they may not be physically capable of providing the level of care necessary to the other or not be able to be present round the clock due to work or other commitments.

Key points
  • Relying on family members to be a carer can put an emotional and financial burden on those you love.
  • Planning for a couple is even more complicated than for a single person because of uncertainties surrounding the couple's ability to provide care for each another when the time comes.
  • Insurance can help preserve a similar quality of life for you and your family if you need long-term care.
  • Allen Pierce Equity Partners can help you successfully plan for any long-term care needs.

Specialist long-term care planning

Your Account Manager will work closely with you and your other trusted advisers, such as your legal and tax team, to create a plan covering care costs and enabling you to live the rest of your life in comfort.